30 June 2011

Lanzarote PWA 2011

Back on Lanzarote after one year. Actually nothing has changed, people are still super friendly, spot is the same, wind is the same... Oh something did change, Anxtion Otageui former sick freestyler opened a restaurant/pizzeria MI PIACE...really nice place with delicious food :). Ok... back to windsurfing :p First my flight was delayed for around 6-7h then we had to fly first to Fuerte before Lanzarote because they were closing the airport, so I arrived to Lanzarote at around 2am instead at 4pm... The "transfer guy" was already long in bed, so luckily I got a taxi. Finally I arrived to the hotel and crashed dead in bed. Next day the wind was not strong but alright for 5.3 Bolt sail and 98l F2 Rodeo, quite powered up. Spot is a bit wavy but I like it a lot... It has a few similarities to my "home spot" Ližnjan, but there are higher and steeper waves. Annnnnd we came to first day of competition... First heat, like every year in single elimination, Edvan Pedro de Souza from Brazil... hehe Last year I won and it seems he had his revenge this time. It was very close, but I was missing a power move. We still didn't finish the single elimination....more action stays for tomorrow!

Pics by JC PWA

28 June 2011

Summer windsurf camps in Dahab

I have to inform you that we will organize for you summer camp in Dahab. Dates of the camp are 30.7. - 13.8. In two weeks there are 2 termins when you can join the camp 30.7. - 6.8. or 6.8. - 13.6. or booth weeks :) . More info you can get on www.andrazzan.com- windsurf camps or write me on andraz.zan@gmail.com

Aruba PWA 2011

Four days for competition and only a bit more than 2 competing. Conditions were very difficult for all of us, but it's the same for everyone, so... Heat duration was 9min with 3min transition and that was enough to finish one double elimination. I was a little bit unlucky with the draw but no matter what you have to do all your best. I failed this time as I could do much more. In the single Quincy Offringa showed he can sail good in thoose conditions, so next chance was in double elimination for me. First I won with a solid heat against another local sailor Westera and after Choco Frans from Bonaire, fully in form, stopped me. I also took too small sail which didn't give me a chance to show my good moves. End result 25. place. Not satisfied, but I am fully motivated to climb up on Canaries. Lets see...the forecast is not so bad for Lanzarote- next PWA event which will take place 30.6. - 3.7. Have fun and stay tuned

21 June 2011

Video from Bonaire !!!

Check out the video I made from Bonaire with F2 riders. Beautiful nature, great wind and sick action!!!

Thanks to Jibe City, all the crew that  works there and all the local riders!!!

See you soon!


19 June 2011

From Bonaire to Aruba

The third event for world cup pwa in freestyle windsurfing is behind us. perfect wind, great organization and a lot of hard work. Also judges had many problems as the level is so high and many riders has similar skills. We manage to do two double eliminations, I finished both on 17th place. At first I needed a little bit of " warming up " but in last heats I sailed with super high level. After two double eliminations I took 21st place... not the best but I am very satisfied with my sailing at the end, so next events should be much much better. After the competition, there was a nice price giving, party and preparation for next event. next day we flew ( with 4h delay) to Aruba for the fourth event of PWA world cup. The plane was very small and a bit scary. Next day on Aruba we had a lot of time and we checked the island a bit, as well had a nice shopping session :P . After we had to test the spot. Not so cool.... everybody is complaining and we are not happy about the conditions, but if you are good you can pull the moves in any conditions. It is gusty, off shore and shifting every 40m. We all hope for better conditions at the time of competition. At 10am we have registration and after action!!! Keep following and enjoy the pics!

13 June 2011

Bonaire part2

The wind is here, every day. Lets hope it will stay like that. Yesterday we had first competition day. I sailed against Andy Bubble Chambers. I was missing one good move to advance. Now Im ready for double elimination. Fingers crossed for good wind! Check some photos from evening session before competition.

06 June 2011

Bonaire part1

Bon bini na Bonaire! Caribean atmosphere as soon as I stepped out of the plane. Time is going two times slower than everywhere else :P . I settled down straight at the beach in Jibe city new apartments. Since I arrived there was no sign of wind yet. "Sauna" my friend Mahmud from Egypt would say... We are all waiting for wind, exploring the island, working, and chilling... in the next few days we will get some good action :)))

(klick on the picture for more photos)

02 June 2011

Bonaire, Aruba, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura

4 places, 2 months, a lot of action, fun and hard work !!! Where, what, when, how... check on this blog for video / foto / text reports ;) enjoy summer and be prepared for new, totally different windsurf camp with top pro instructors ... soon !