27 April 2011

Sardinia- windsurf camps day 2

Second day we had a little bit more sun and wind. In the morning it was time for beginners, as the wind was not so strong yet. They learned basics and till afternoon they were enjoying and training their fresh skills. Later on intermediate and advanced windsurfers got the chance to learn and improve their knowledge. Training turns, planning and improving water start was the goal and almost everyone was happy with their session. Later in the afternoon wind reached speed 20-25kts and it was also time for windsurf camps team to enjoy on the water. Everybody tired and smiling is waiting for next days to get some new skills.

Till then... have fun...

photo by Katja Žagar   www.foto-katja.com


25 April 2011

Sardinia first day of action

Students and windsurf camps team have been already enjoying the natural beauties of Sardinia. We had a few drops at the arrival, but the sky got clear this morning what brought us super nice wind for lessons. A lot of sails were planing in the golf of Porto Pollo from 4.5- 6.1 :) . Every body happy, smiling, tired and ready for action in the next days. There are some interesting days coming so stay tuned ;) pics by Katja Žagar

22 April 2011

Sardinia here we come!!!

Time when we can relax, take a breathe, switch our brains on minimum, do our favourite sport and enjoyyyyy !!! A week of windsurf camp on Sardinia is here! We start the trip today on friday 22.4.and in the next days you can already check what we do, how we sail and enjoy on super beautiful island. Don't miss daily reports and photos about windsurf camp on Sardinia here!!!

05 April 2011

Egypt- Action!

A week of action is unfortunately over. Six days out of seven on the water, well also the day with light wind I was pumping with 5.3 so it was quite a week. Most of the time on 4.1 or 4.7 Hot Sails Maui Bolt and 98l F2 Rodeo. I had a great time with all the pro guys on the water, sailing was sick and action even more. Good training, nice photos, and useful video ;) Dahab was on fire, but I also went to say hello to my friends to El tur. The visit was unforgettable and we had a lot of fun. Enjoy in photos and video material fill follow soon...

Don't forget that in less than 3 weeks windsurf camp on Sardinia will start. Everything is ready and soon we will be closing the bookings. If you still don't know where, how, what to do form 23.4.- 30.4. you are super welcome to join us on windsurf camp on Sardinia, where we will have a lot of fun in windsurfing, trips, party and moreeee :) More about the camp on andrazzan.com- news