29 March 2011

Welcome to Egypt!

Again in Egypt...I think I got 21st egyptian visa now something like that.Yesterday I arrived to Dahab around 4pm and I went straight on the water. The wind was still super strong, I took 4.1 and 98l and we were the only ones on the water with Steven. Action till dark and after delicious indian food :) . Today similar story. windy from morning, a little bit less power in 4.1 but still enough to make perfect 3h session. Beside training I am giving private lessons. It is really nice to help new windsurfers coming up :) stay tuned... footage coming next!

21 March 2011

First action on new gear !

Hello hello!
As you can see this blog got new clothes ;) further more I have to inform all that in new season 2011 I will be sailing on new weapons. Under my feet you will see F2 Rodeo, super radikal 98l ,  225cm long and 63cm wide crazy board which has absolutely no limits. New sails... 2011 Hot Sails Maui model Bolt. Powerful, stable, manouvrable sails, this year lighter and easier to control...

Enough of technical info... This weekend I was sailing in Ližnjan- Croatia after a long time. The weather was super nice, sunny, windy, I can't say warm but it wasn't too cold. around 12 degrees air and 11 water, but it was manageable and I had a lot of fun. With 4.7 Bolt and 98l Rodeo in action + the best company you could have = weekend I wish every time!

Till next time...  enjoy the photos and see you on the water!

Oh... and big thanks to professional photographer ;)
 more photos in gallery

06 March 2011

New website

For my windsurf camps I have new website as I promised. www.andrazzan.com and klick on windsurf camps. At the moment it's only in Slovenian language but in a few days everyone who doesn't speak Slovenian will able to check what are windsurf camps about.

So news on windsurf camps are new camp which will take place on Sardinia in Porto Pollo. Date when we start the camp is 23.4. - 30.4. Everyone who wants to improve their skills or learn from the beginning is very welcome to join us. All the details will be in english online soon and if you have some questions fell free to contact me on: andraz.zan@gmail.com

in the mean time you can check some photos from Porto Pollo in windsurf camps GALERY, or watch short preview of the destination: