29 July 2010

Fuerteventura Grand Slam - Freestyle day 1

First day was more or less relaxing for us freestyle sailors. We had to register for the competition which starts today. The forecast doesn't look promising, but with the thermic wind you never know. I have hard opponent, Edvan Pedro de Souza from Brazil, he is super good at the moment but if I beat him already I will do my best to do it again. I am ready for action so we will see how everything goes ...

mens freestyle elimination 1 HERE

26 July 2010

Just few days before the real action begins ...

Wind is still on and conditions are getting better. Check out the move called ponch from the other day when we were filming. Just 2 days till competition. Stay tuned...


24 July 2010

Fuerteventura Grand Slam 2010

The event started today. First it is slalom guys turn then us freestylers and after kitesurfers. Slalom windsurfers are already on the water showing how fast they can go and how technical they can be. Everything what is happening you can check on live ticker. The button will be also on my website on the right side. There is also a live webcam in rene egli center.

20 July 2010

Last days on Gran Canaria

Yesterday when I woke up I realized the wind is super light and I was quite happy. It was so good to rest one day. It was not even a resting day but more low activity day. I went with my friends to check the vulcanic remaining and botanic garden. The temperatures are very high for a while so we didn't see very interesting things in the garden. Today wind was back. Spot Vargas was looking interesting for freestyle wave session. I took my 88l Twintip and 4.1 superstyle and I went to try the conditions. Due to gusty wind It was very hard to sail but I still got some ramps for new radical moves. Tomorrow I'm off to Fuerteventura. First few days of rest, then hardcore training to make some good results in competition which starts on 28. july. Stay tuned and check the pic's in the gallery...

15 July 2010

Pozo/ Gran Canaria part2

What can I say... Pozo still didn't reach it's "normal" conditions( 50kts and 3m waves). It is very windy, I am using 3.7 or 4.1 RRD Superstyle every single day, but it is still sailable. Sometimes gusts are reaching those 50 kts but still. Concerning the waves... up to 2m. Pozo and Vargas are the spots we visit every day. Due to high season there is many people on the spot so you have to find the right time when conditions are good and almost nobody on the water. Yesterday I had another freestyle session in Vargas where chop was just crazy, it was good training though 6 more days then I'm off to Fuerteventura for the third PWA event. Check some new photos in the gallery...

08 July 2010

Pozo/ Gran Canaria

Now I finally settled in Pozo/Gran Canaria where I will stay till event in Fuerteventura, train jumping and freestyle in high winds. First few days the conditions were light and strange. When I came to the beach 2 days ago I expected something different. It was not Pozo from all the photos and videos, but today we already got some strong wind and a bit of waves. Stay tuned, there will be some sick action...


Lanzarote was finished a few days ago. Last day we started a double elimination but not successfully to the end. I stayed on 9th place which is the best result in PWA for me so far. First place went to Golito Estredo V01, second to Kiri Thode NB61 and third to Tonky Frans NB7. They are top of the top at the moment as well Philip Soltysiak, Bjorn Saragosa and Steven Van Broeckhoven, it would be interesting if we would pull double elimination to the end. Next... Pozo

02 July 2010


Hello everyone! As you can see I my site has a new look. I'll try to make it more comfortable for you to browse, so I hope you'll like it. Lets get to the main theme. I'm 3days in Lanzarote already. First day I practice my moves and I was getting used to the conditions with 5.3 and big board 100l, second day was similar to first day but it was not constant enough to start the competition. Third day we were more lucky. Wind picked up at around half two with speed 20-25kts. I took my 5.3 again and I had really good power. To bad that conditions got worse till my heat. Wind got very gusty so it was tricky to sail. You had to be at the right place the right time. I preformed good moves which was enough to advance against Edvan Pedro de Souza, very good sailor from Brazil. Next opponent was 2009 world champion Golito Estredo. Wind got even worse which was not so good for me but last year champion didn't have problems. He won and I finished on 9. place after the single elimination. We still have to finish few heats then we move to the double elimination... That's it for now, stay tuned...

pics from John Carter, PWA